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About Us

Welcome to Shree Bhagwati Cables

Wires and Cables Manufacturer

We, "SHREE BHAGWATI CABLES" manufacturer of "SBC" & "TORREX" brand wires and cables; we have been engaged in manufacturing all kinds of ISI Marked Wires & Cables since our inception. Being a quality centric organization, we have attained ISO 9001:2008 (latest), ISI: 694, ISI: 1554 (Part1), ISI 7098 status and are one of the most reliable names in the Indian Cable Industry today.

The range of Products we offer are Multi-strand House Wires, Single Core/Multi-core Flexible Cables, LT PVC Power Cables, LT PVC Control Cables, 3-Core Flat Submersible Cables, Aluminum Twin Flat Service Wires, Instrumentation/ Multi-core Screened (Shielded) Cables, Telephone Cables, Auto Cables/ Battery Cables, Co-axial Cables and Special Cables as per Indian/ International Standards and Customer’s specification. Our cables are well received in the Electrical Market. Being in the business for last thirty years and staying ahead since then in this competitive market is in itself a positive testimony of our product’s excellence.

Marison Cable

All the cables are manufactured strictly as per latest I.S. / B.S. and other relevant specifications. Our Works is fully equipped with latest Machinery and the products we manufacture are tested at every stage in our well equipped Testing Laboratory. Our immensely experienced manufacturing team along with our qualified technical personnel helps us maintain strict control & vigilance on quality and performance of our products.

Founded by Mrs Anita Gupta, with a vision to excel in the field of manufacturing technically challenging customer specific & non-conventional types of cables and rendering quality services to the customers both professionally & timely, we are on the right path and ahead in this highly technically and commercially competitive world of Wires & Cables.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to lay emphasis on Customer Satisfaction through Quality Control, On-time Delivery and Technical Innovation throughout the process of manufacturing. We also focus on continually improving our products, work environment and the organization as a whole.

Product Portfolio

Our Products are ISI Marked and are tested at every stage of production in our well equipped Testing Laboratory. We regularly conduct Type tests/ Routine Tests on our Products before the supply in order to meet the satisfactory performance characteristics for the intended application. Moreover our firm is ISO 9001:2008 (latest) certified.

Distribution Network

Our Agents/ Dealer network is widely spread across India. (Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh (Allahabad, Kanpur etc.), Chhattisgarh, M.P, Maharashtra, Orissa, etc.)

Raw Material Used


We use Purity tested, high conductivity annealed Copper and H2/H4 grade highly tensile Aluminium conductors as per IS: 8130 /1984.


We use PVC (Type A), HR PVC (Type C) as per IS: 5831 /1984 and specially formulated PVC as per Indian / International standards.

Inner Sheath

Inner Sheath is applied either by wrapping laid up cores with PVC Tape or by PVC extrusion.


We use Galvanized Round Steel Wire, Galvanized Flat Steel Strip, Aluminium Wire/Strip as per IS: 3975/1999 for Armouring.

Outer Sheath

We use PVC (Type ST1), HR PVC (Type ST2), FR, FRLS depending upon the application and customer’s requirement.

Quality Assurance

Being an ISO 9001:2008 company, we are committed to provide customer satisfaction by ensuring consistency in Quality through Product and Process Improvements. We manufacture superior quality products that are ISI marked and conform to IS: 7098(Part- I)/1988, IS: 694/1990, IS: 1554(Part-I)/1988 and other relevant Indian/International Standards. We have well defined processes viz. Raw Material Procurement, Manufacturing, Testing & Administrative Processes that help us to systematically produce and deliver our products on-time to our Clients.


A sophisticated infrastructure is the base of every company. Our company has a very well equipped infrastructure that enables us to meet all the requirements of our wide clientele with ease. Sprawling over a large area, our production unit has the latest and advanced machinery and technology blend. Further, our unit is segregated into various departments such as: manufacturing, testing, warehousing and research and development. Due to our infrastructure, we have been able to successfully cater to the varied requirements of our clients.

The Cable Manufacturing Process

To untrained individuals, wires may appear as a simple electrical commodity. However, it is the sincere dedication and experience of professionals that allows efficient functioning of electrical equipments through proper energy transmission. The cables you see in the market and those that light your homes were not created in a single day. It is the combination of various electronic raw elements that make up a single cable and different wires serve different purposes.

The diameter of the filaments of the conductor, its resistance and the finish of its surface all determine the conductivity properties of the cables. Other than this, the selection of conductors and wires also contribute to the efficient distribution of energy. So, not all wires are created under the same parameters. Every strand of wire utilized in the conductor should be durable and flexible at the same time.

The conductors used in cables are extruded with three continuous semi-conducting materials. After the extrusion process, the wires go under several quality tests to check for imperfections with respect to size, shape, surface, strength, flexibility and its density. These conducting wires are then taped with copper to enhance its energy transmitting properties. After the taping process, the cables are then checked for its quality, size, over-lapping, discontinuity and tape joining.

Thus with every manufacturing process, the experts critically examine the cables at every step to check its efficiency and durability. The securely wrapped conductors are then twisted to maintain the basic core sequence. The roundness and the length of the twisted wires are checked to meet the industry standards. The wires are then securely placed in PVC with the inner sheath and the outer sheath separated with a thin lining of aluminum armor. The length of the armors, its coverage and joints are then checked with the alignment, thickness, color and the surface finish of the sheaths.

If all the above steps are correctly followed and maintained, then the fully developed cables go for a final testing for verification of quality. While testing under high-voltage, the cables are checked for its energy conducting and discharging ability. If the flow of electricity is proper and the cables function properly, then the quality of the cable is marked and sent to the packaging quarters for packaging and distribution.