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Rubber Cables

SBC Rubber Cables

Our range of Rubber Cables is manufactured using elastoplast material such as ethylene propylene rubber (EPR), polypropylene (PCP), chloral-sulphoneted polyethylene (CSP), nitrite rubber/PVC blends and silicon to assure resistance against heat, oil and fire. We have also developed elastodynamics fire survival cables for control, power, and instrumentation wiring. Elastodynamics compounds for sheathing and insulating of cables are designed to meet the requirements of IS 6380, BS 6899, IEC 60502, and other international specification.

LT Power and Control Cable

The number of wires is approximate and wire diameter is nominal 4 core and 5 core flat cables are available on request.

General Construction :

Conductor -

  • Annealed tinned Copper wires Solid (Class 1), Stranded (Class 2), flexible (Class 5) complying with the requirement of IS 8130-1984.

Separator Tape -

  • Suitable material separator tape may be applied over the conductor.

Insulation -

  • General service elastomer compound Type IE1 of IS 6380-1984.
  • Heat Resisting elastomer compound Type IE2 of IS 6380-1984.
  • Silicone Rubber Type IE 5 of IS 6380-1984.

Core Identification -

  • Colored insulation, Nos. PE tape, Colored proofed tape, Nos. printing.

Fillers -

  • Natural or synthetic fibers or elastomer suitable for the operating temperature and compatible with the insulating material.

Sheath -

  • General Service sheath Type SE1/SE2 of IS 6380-1984.
  • Heavy Duty Sheath Type SE3/SE4 of IS 6380-1984.
  • Working Temperature of Commonly used Elastomeric Insulating and Sheathing Material.