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LT Power and Control Cable

LT Power and Control Cable

The LT Power Cables are used for underground as well as over head transmission of power in power plants, industries, projects and all other electrical installations. We manufacture both Armoured and Unarmoured Power Cables with Copper and Aluminium conductor, conforming to IS: 1554 (Part I)/1988 and IS :7098/1998 for operation up to & including 1100 Volts.

LT Power and Control Cable


  • Single Core: 1.5 Sq. mm. to 630 Sq. mm.
  • Multi-core: 1.5 Sq. mm. to 240 Sq. mm., up to 4 Cores
  • 1.5 Sq. mm & 2.5 Sq. mm. , up to 61 Cores

General Construction

We offer different combinations as mentioned below for construction of cable as required by customer:

  • Conductor: Aluminium, Copper (Round Solid, Stranded, Sector Shaped) as per IS:8130/1984
  • Insulation: XLPE, PVC, HR PVC as per IS:5831/1984
  • Inner Sheath: PVC Taped, PVC extruded Inner Sheath
  • Armouring: Galvanized Round Steel Wire, Galvanized Flat Steel Strip, Aluminium Wire/Strip Armouring
  • Outer Sheath: PVC, HR PVC, FR, FRLS depending upon the application and customer’s requirement

XLPE Insulated Power and Control Cables

SBC Cables are manufactured as per IS: 7098 / Part-I to be suitable for conductor temperature of 900C and short circuit capacity 2500C. ‘SBC’ LT- XLPE Cables have excellent mechanical, electrical and thermal properties surpassing those of conventional polymeric dielectrics. The superior properties of XLPE have led to lower insulation thickness, high current carrying capacity, reduced weight and dimension. ‘SBC’ LT-XLPE Cable is the economic solution for low tension power distribution with high efficiency and total reliability.


  • LT-XLPE Cables have longer life as compared to conventional PVC Cables LT-XLPE Cables have a higher conductor temperature rating i.e. 900C.
  • LT-XLPE Cables have a higher emergency overload capacity 1200C.
  • Max. temperature limit under short circuit conditions for LT-XLPE Cables is 2500C. Hence XLPE.
  • Cables have higher short circuit rating.
  • Insulation resistance of LT-XLPE Cable is excellent & superior to Identical PVC Cables.