Shree Bhagwati Cables manufacturer of “TORREX - wires & cables"

Instrumentation and Multicore Screened Cables

Multicore Screened Cables

These cables are PVC insulated & sheathed multi-core armoured and unarmoured screened (shielded) cables that are used to transmit signals and energy from one end to the other with minimal interference. These cables play a vital role in today’s automated world and find its main application in control systems, monitor networks and various other engineering industries that need to measure, supervise and control a process.

LT Power and Control Cable

We specialize in manufacturing instrumentation cables as per Indian/International standards and as per project’s requirements. We use purity tested high conductivity bright annealed Plain/Tinned, Solid/Stranded/Flexible Copper conductor, insulated with 70o/ 85o/ 105 o C grade PVC/ HR PVC compound.

The cores are twisted to form Pairs/ Triplets/ Quads that are colour-coded or number printed. Shielding is done with Aluminium Myler Tape along with Tinned Copper Drain Wire or alternatively with Tinned Copper Wire Braiding applied individually or overall as specified.

Armouring, if required, is done with Galvanized Round Steel Wire/ Flat Steel Strip and the Outer Sheath is applied through extrusion of PVC, HR PVC, FR/ FRLS PVC compound depending upon the application and customer’s requirement.

Standard Packing

  • Attractive Coil Packing of 100 Mtr. length.
  • Drum Packing of 500/1000 Mtr. length or as per customer’s requirement.
  • Overall quantity tolerance of +/- 5%.