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Co-axial Cables

SBC Co-axial Cables

These Co-axial Cables are used for transmission of Video and Audio signals and are used in DTH / CATV Industry. With increasing popularity of Cable TV, these cables have become the backbone of entertainment industry.
We use purity tested high conductivity bright annealed Solid Copper conductor that is insulated with Polyethylene Dielectric which leads to lower and uniform attenuation. Specially designed poly-Aluminium tape is applied over the insulation with sufficient overlap. Braiding is done with annealed tinned Copper wire or highly tensile Aluminium alloy wire with more than 60% coverage and is then suitably filled with jelly to prevent noise and maintain uniform signal quality. Special U.V. resistant, robust PVC compound is used for Outer Sheath.

LT Power and Control Cable

Standard Packing

  • Attractive Coil Packing of 100 Mtr./ 500 Mtr. length.
  • Drum Packing of 500/1000 Mtr. length or as per customer’s requirement.
  • Overall quantity tolerance of +/- 5%.